The PLA Takeaway

I’m not at the Public Library Association (PLA) conference this year for various reasons…

  1. I no longer live close enough to Philadelphia to justify going down for the day/crashing.
  2. I’m not a public librarian (anymore).
  3. Conferences are expensive, and while I like them, I like food and having internet access at home better.

However, I have been following the feed via twitter, and like any good conference, there are gems.  In the spirit of the top tweets that American Libraries posts at Midwinter and Annual (the same list I try to make every day), here’s some of my favorites.

  • @HuisceBeathaI think RA is fading in favor in MLIS programs because no one has figured out how to fuse human conversation element with catalog #pla12
  • @HuisceBeathaWe’re waking up to The Clash, and by “we,” I mean the Benjamin Franklin impersonator from the OverDrive party #pla12 (Oh those Founding Fathers….)
  • @kongtemplationGates foundation invested 650 million in US public libraries over past 15 years #pla12 (yay them!)
  • @ccornelison21The coolest thing about this conference has been interacting with the people behind the services I use daily #pla12 (<3)
  • @ben_haines“Good signage should be a call to action.” e.g. Dewey signs that show people benefitting from each section–e.g. Gardeners w/ plants.#pla12 (Doesn’t ALA make a “Make your own READ Poster” kit?  This is a great idea for expansion of that kit, and a way to connect your staff with the community.)
  • @samchadaOnly at a library conference can you knit in line while waiting to ask a technical question and there is no judgement. #pla12 (Yes! CraftCon recruit!)
  • @evanstrubleStick a QR code on it! (a la Portlandia) #pla12 (Send this to Toni and Candace at the Women & Women First bookstore.  Or maybe not – now that I remember they can’t work their printer.)
  • @elderaJoan & George: “word of mouth is more sustainable than marketing” behold the power of Yelp. #pla12 (Having just moved, I am relying on Yelp to find good local businesses.)
  • @wawoodworth#pla12 PSA: You are permitted to take 300% more copies of any Random House book. That’s 3 years worth of lending in HarperCollins terms!
  • @HuisceBeatha@naypinya I’m arguing for experimenting with, not obsessing over, ebooks. I don’t think ebooks should be libraries’ No. 1 priority #pla12
  • @itsjustkate#pla12 theme so far: seeking balance between theory/idealism/practice. (The theme of every conference.  And can that balance even be achieved?)
  • @Hadro“We hear a lot of talk about what 21st century library should look like. Well, we’ve been there for 12 years.” Uncon session pitch #pla12 (I went to hear Neil DeGrasse Tyson speak at the American Museum of Natural History last night about his new book and he made a very similar point to this regarding the space program.  We hear much talk about what the space program should be, but how close are we to reaching these goals?)
I’ll be doing the same for Computers in Libraries as I won’t be in attendance. I hope the conversations on Twitter are equally as stimulating and fun!
Edit (1:48 PM EST 16 March 2012) – And here’s a few more!
  • @bizus“Rural libraries & urban libraries face the same issues. We understand each other.” post-sesh networking awesomeness #pla12 (A library is a library with the same basic values and information needs, where it serves a population of 1,000 or 1 million.)
  • @CarolineKrufkaI’m not wearing sensible shoes #PLA12 (My response: “Pictures or it didn’t happen.”)
 And from the “It Happens at Every Conference” files….
  • @librarychickDHey #PLA12 why is the state of ebooks (hot button issue) in the smallest possible room? Not good planning at all!
  • @daisyporterAre publishers more generous this year or am I just greedier? already broke my handy #macmillan bag. #pla12 #pla2012 (The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one.)
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