There’s a Party in My Tummy! So Yummy! So Yummy!

(I am the aunt of a toddler.  This was the only appropriate title.)

It took unemployment in 2010 for me to discover a joy, if not the joy, of cooking.  I started out with French recipes and a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking I picked up at Borders (RIP), and then, for the sake of my wallet and waistline, moved to vegetarian/vegan cooking.  Mix in (pun intended) a boyfriend who also loves to cook and we would much rather make our own fabulous meal than pay for one.

This stir fry came to me from Twitter friend @exlibris as adapted from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express. Further research on the Internet found it was even more flexible; variations abound. (This was one I used for reference.) I had to make my own last minute substitution as my online grocer did not deliver the appropriate tofu; chicken worked well in a pinch.

Peanut Stir Fry

  • Brown your protein of choice (the original recipe calls for tofu) in oil with 3 – 4 smashed garlic cloves.  Remove from heat and set aside, pouring off all but just a bit of the oil.
  • Replenish oil as necessary and add green vegetables to taste.  Suggestions include kale, bok choy, celery,  snow peas, turnip greens and kale.  The photo above contains bok choy and snow peas.
  • In separate bowl, combine 1/4 – 1/2 cup of peanut butter (n.b. – err on the smaller side), soy sauce, lime juice, water, sesame seeds, sesame oil to taste, and a bit of honey.  Sauce should be somewhat thick but easy to drizzle.  It will thicken upon standing so you don’t want to do this too far in advance. (Speaking from experience).
  • Combine protein, veggies and sauce and heat through for about 3 – 4 minutes or until sauce reduces.  You don’t want everything swimming in the sauce.  Serve over white rice.

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